Update: Chicago Police Bicycle Patrol Officer Hit by SUV at State and Monroe 4:30pm, 9-6-16


There is current chatter that a Chicago Police Bicycle Patrol Officer is down at State and Monroe St. 4:30pm 9-6-16. He was hit by a SUV while responding to a fight. The Bicycle Patrol officer was trying to reach the scene promptly while traveling against traffic. His condition is currently unknown.

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<sarcasm mode on>

Should the driver be at fault since the police officer was wearing dark clothing?  Police on bicycles should wear yellow reflective vests.

<sarcasm mode off>

*reality mode on*

The Bike Patrol Officers do have yellow reflective vests but they mostly use them for special events, (air & water show, marathon, Stanley Cup celebrations. Not for every day wear, they get dirty fast.

Their colder weather jackets have the yellow top, reflective middle stripe and dark navy lower portion.

The temperature was ~92 degrees when this incident happened. They have to wear those dark blue bullet proof vests. :-)

*reality mode still on*

The officers in the photos about this story (ABC7 and DNAinfo) were not wearing those yellow tops.

Yes, you are correct. That is what they wear on a day like today. An ordinary weekday.
Yes, it would be better for them to wear the 'high-viz'.
Maybe they like the darker clothing so they could sneak up on the bad guys. . . .


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