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I'd be willing to let anyone try out a pair of classic-style waxless skis with collateral or if you are willing to join me on a photography expedition.

I have Men's 12-13 boots (3-peg, not toe-clip) and the skis are designed for someone 6'1"-6'4" so I would not recommend unless you're at least over 5'8". I use them at 5'10" and they're a little unweildy (but the price was right).

Shoes are reasonable at a Play-it-Again Sports, and if they don't have your size, most will try calling around for you to other stores (though I got mine in Milwaukee, I can't speak to the availability here).
Ungroomed - in parks, woods, wherever. In some of the blizzards of the early 80s, when I was living in Evanston, I had a fine time skiing down the middle of Davis St. and other nearby streets before the plows came through.

Nothing fancy or fast. Breaking my own trail with backcountry skis is a great workout.

Thanks for the tips.

Clark said:
Hi Anne,
Skate or classical? Do you prefer groomed ski trails, or ungroomed hiking trails winding through the woods?

I like to take the South Shore over to Dune Park; a rustic ski trail starts two blocks from the station that winds through the National Lakeshore for miles. You can usually count on decent skied-in tracks so you're not breaking trail as you ski. Then you can catch the South Shore back to Illinois from the Beverly Shores station, so you get a point-to-point ski experience.

Then next month we're going up to Minocqua Winter Park for a couple of days to enjoy their meticulous grooming on their 70+km of ski trails. Lots of good snow, ski areas, instruction and ski shops in northern Wisconsin and the UP. I'd almost rather do ski vacations there than out West. But before I go I check current midwest ski conditions at the Skinny Ski website.
So given the snow falls we've had....anyone interested in going xc ski or snowshoeing this weekend?


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