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Hey friends on wheels,

I'm a part of a volunteer cultural committee putting on a big concert and rally for Chuy Garcia next Sunday, March 29, at Alhambra Palace downtown Chicago. I am still in need of a few additional volunteers:



Poster and postcard distribution this week

One more SECURITY volunteer (experience and formidable presence helpful)

Please email me at if you are interested in supporting this candidate and this event next week. It's going to be incredibly diverse, energizing, and fun!



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OH, Come ON ! Asper & Tony, don't make me get out the millionaires list of Rahm Emanuel's contributors. That's exactly why this current mayor is out of touch when it comes to the needs of neighborhood people. He is a disconnected mayor from ordinary Chicago citizens. He unfairly raises revenues on the backs of the struggling poor of this city. Now you begrudge him because he's trying to raise money to compete with Rahms' million dollar negative ads. Don't go there! And, what's wrong with mustaches?

I'll take you up on that Tom. Please post the millionaire's list. Thanks.

This is not an endorsement for either candidate. I vote to disrupt the system.

Thanks for the footwork Eric. I find myself wondering what difference we're seeing, or should be seeing, in the advertising that's reaching us based on the huge disparity in campaign funds. From where I'm sitting I feel like the same amount of advertising in the community, and the same amount of TV spots are reaching me for both candidates.

Good question, Howard - here's one explanation of where it's going.

OK, than why are Garcia's TV spots full of empty rhetoric like "Emmanual wants to take power from you..."-- wouldn't that be a great platform to tout Enlace's ultimate success, or some other accomplishments? Surprising lack of substance in an article (well, a blog piece) complaining about lack of substance.

Doesn't really answer my question though.... will try again- with the huge disparity in campaign funding, why do I appear to be seeing more advertising from the Garcia side?

h' 1.0 , if ever there was a time to use funds to run campaign commercials, this would be the time. This is crunch time. Thanks. Back to the battlefield ! !
Today (Friday 4-3-15) is the last weekday for early voting. Saturday (4-4-15) IS the last day. Hours are from 9am to 5pm. Check for locations. You MUST present your government issued photo ID to vote.

On election day (4-7-15) you can ONLY vote in the precinct that you are registered in, as a resident in the city of Chicago. Again, check for your precinct polling place information. Hours 6am to 7pm.

Your vote counts ! Thank you for voting !

"We can change
this city."

"We can
change it
together! "

As a life long resident, I love this city, and I will care deeply about it until I am no longer able. I know my candidate feels the same. Chicago IS "My kind of town!"

Thanks for the reminder A.K.   I voted for Rahm.  Although, I think it would be way cooler if the election was decided by a bike race.  


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