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Well, that didn't go well. I went on the NBC page to set up Chainlink 1. But when I first did a search to see if it should be "Chainlink 1 or "the Chainlink 1," the screen flashed that I had successfully set up "The Chainlink," and now I am on that team. I did no such thing, I only used the search box to find what was there. I did not join on purpose. Now when I click on the "My Team" link (which says my team is "The Chainlink"), I just get an error message. I wanted to remove myself so I would be free to set up "Chainlink 1," but at the moment I can't find a way to do that. Maybe you have to remove me, Yasmeen?

No worries, I will make sure to ride as many miles as I can to keep up with the rest of you :-) My Brompton should be arriving soon. Let's just keep it as The Chainlink and once that group is at capacity, we can add another. Thanks for trying!

I have been craving a Brompton for years, Yasmeen. I met Channel Wasson, the first US importer of Bromptons, on RAGBRAI 1996. He rode his Brompton across Iowa with the rest of us on regular bikes. He let me test ride it up and down the street in some town where RAGBRAI had stopped for the night. He used to write a blog of his Brompton adventures. I have wanted one ever since that RAGBRAI, but never pulled the trigger. Enjoy.

thanks! My commute forced the issue because of bike/trail rules but I'm also excited to have some flexibility I haven't had before. It'll be nice to fold it up and carry it into places. Plus, my apartment is quite small. 

With a Brompton and a railroad you're free to go about anywhere in the country without a car, Yasmeen.

Looks like I'm on "The Chainlink" team too, but I'm getting the "My Team" link error that Jon is getting... Each time the National Bike Challenge launches it seems like the new system they try means they have new bugs to sort out instead of iterating towards a smoother operation. Anyway, I'll be curious to see if I made the team or not. It'll be interesting how the 8 rider per team cap changes things this year. I really enjoyed my miles being tossed into "The Chainlink" pot the last couple of years. Regardless, looking forward to riding as many miles as I can and especially looking forward to the predicted almost 70 degrees and strong tailwind going home this afternoon! 

I made my first entry of 37.1 miles for the National Bike Challenge today using Strava. It came up on the NBC page right away with my correct miles. But when I clicked the "My Team" link, which shows to be "The Chainlink," I still got the error message with the GIF of the little dog falling off of the shelf. I clicked the link in that error message to notify support. As our president likes to say, "we'll see what happens."
Yep Zach, I'm in The Chainlink group on Strava which is AOK. But there was something about being in the whole group of Chainlinkers during the National Bike Challenge that I'm thinking I'll miss with the limited riders per team this year. That being said, whomever I'm grouped with, I'll be commuting by bike as much as I can and it'll be great to see how the points add up during the challenge. The tailwinds heading north for my commute home the past couple of days we're super AOK tremendous fun. Had to stop and adjust my softening disc brakes for added confidence with all the fair weather pedestrians and riders on the lakefront path this afternoon. So great to see people out and about enjoying this city of ours...
Hey Jon, you're not the only one. I'm getting the dog falling off shelf error too. Looking forward to when our support requests get sorted out. As you quoted, "We'll see what happens."

Something else I noticed on my NBC page is the box that says it ends May 31. What happened to September 30? It was a five month event. It usually takes them about a month to work the bugs out of the system. If it ends 5/31 this year we might never see the Chainlink team on there.


I visited my page this morning and had an alert telling me to "Join a team" and sure enough where it said yesterday that my team was "The Chainlink", it now said nothing... I re-joined "The Chainlink" again this morning and refreshed the page. My profile shows "The Chainlink" as my team again, but clicking on it takes me to puppyFallingOffShelf.gif again... 

And yep, if this is just a month-long event this year, I'm going to miss watching the miles add up and the ebb and flow of riders' rides over the summer months. 

Now off to submit another support request to fix the problems the site seems to be having with teams.

Hey, the puppyFallingOffShelf.gif when clicking on "My Team" is GONE (at least for me).

You can click on "My Team" on the National Bike Challenge site and actually see the team!

For The Chainlink, there's only two of us there now. If you already joined The Chainlink team, you should probably visit your profile again and see if your team is still listed. You might need to re-join the team.

We're up to 215 points for the challenge.


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