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Since the new logo launched, we started selling CL pint glasses. Water bottles will for sale by the end of the month. T-shirts in two weeks (black with white logo, gray with green logo). We are going to begin design on a new Chainlink kit very shortly. 

I've been thinking about what other merchandise we would like to offer. NPR was saying that coffee mugs and tote bags are HUGE for them. Who would of thought?

What other types of Chainlink merchandise would you like to see?

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+1 for cycling caps.

cycling cap! love the logo, too!

I bought a Chainlink pint glass at the SWAP last month and it fits in nicely as a set with my Pedro's, Park Tool, and Working Bikes Pint glasses.   It's a quality glass, comparable to the others in the mixed-label group of glassware.  They are all of the identical "bar ware" size and shape.  I can vouch for that.  It's a great product. You should sell a lot of them.

I would be interested in a coffee cup or two if it is of the HUGE over-sized variety that has a decent base -not smaller on the bottom than at the top.  I like HUGE coffee cups because I'm too lazy and tired to make multiple trips from my bedroom to the kitchen in the morning to refill it, but it seems most oversized coffee cups are made to be 3x as spillable as normal coffee cups.  I don't need it to fit into a car cupholder.  I want it to be stable next to my bed in my pre-caffeinated clumsy condition. 

Sounds fowl...

Not exactly answering your question, but relevant, outside of printing t-shirts, Naked ride ultimately went to CafePress. Took hours of setup, but lets people choose from like 216 items with three different logos, and gives both reasonable prices and a fair profit margin. I bought a canvas backpack there for myself and it was great. Go see:
If useful just ask and I'll share hints and code.
(Also yes, willow should make stuff)
(Also also I love my TCL waterbottle. That's a perfect promo item.)

The problem with cafe press stuff is its basically disposable and there really isn't any money in it, for example - From

...our base price for a T-Shirt is $13.99. You can sell T-Shirts in your store as low as $13.99(and make no profit)

Plus p+H of 6.50 per shirt people are spending more than 20 bucks before anyone sees a dime. Other products are at a similar pricing, the only people making money via cafe press is cafe press.

For t-shirts:

Send an image over to Chicago Silk Screen and they deliver a ready to screen image. Multiple colors gets into registrations (lining up colors) which can be a headache.  Get the screen/s made (anyone you use is going to use Chicago Silkscreen anyway, everyone uses them) then hire someone with a bit of experience (chicago is packed with screeners) to bang off a stack of shirts ( and it's really that easy.

The secret is to copy the Beanie Baby business model, make a shirt of a design, (the 2015 shirt, and make the design cool) and only make a couple hundred of them(?), sell at 12 bucks (a price where everyone will want one) and profit 6-7$ per shirt an drop a couple grand in the bank and scrub the screen so it can't be used again. 6 months later a different shirt or the 2016, but the design has to be quite desirably cool, not just the 'link logo. 

Oh, don't tell me what happened in the Walking Dead finale: snitches get stitches and spoilers get....broilers? I'll work on that one.

Our new Chainlink jerseys, shorts, and bibs are now available for order online! Free shipping with orders over $75. 

For a limited time, we have an online store selling lots of great Chainlink apparel including our new cycling cap. BRAAAAP!!
Store closes August 8. Order Now.



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