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This Friday, I am heading down to Memphis with Chainlink photographer, Ronit Bezalel. We are going to do a lot of riding as well as checking out the bike shops and the local bike scene. 

Any suggestions or "must-see" sights we should check out while we are down there? Restaurant recommendations would be super helpful as well. Thanks!!

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Memphis is one of my favorite cities in the US.

BBQ is a highly personal affair.  I've eaten at all three establishments mentioned by others and would choose a chopped pork sandwich and fried pie at Payne's over any of them without reservation.

I would suggest that Beale St. is Memphis' Navy Pier, just with more drunk yahoos.  While you can occasionally see performances of note there, there's plenty of places around town with better music options more readily conducive to a good time.  Give Wild Bill's on Vollintine a try on Friday or Saturday evening.

I don't believe anyone has mentioned the Stax Museum. (Sun is certainly worth a visit, but I'd bet that a visit to Stax will stay with you far longer).  Elvis never came close to matching Isaac Hayes in terms of absurd automobiles.

If you stop by the Lorraine Hotel/NCR museum, be sure to take some time speak with Jacqueline Smith who's been protesting across the street for several decades.

Have fun.

The Stax museum is a great recommendation.

Yes, there are plenty of drunk yahoos on Beale St. Big difference from Navy Pier - pedestrianized street with plenty of space.  We had a pleasant visit. As with any experience, your mileage may vary...

Great point, Anne---that is an important distinction.  I was comparing them as tourist traps with limited allure for local citizenry, but that does do BS a slight disservice.  And yep, YMMV! 


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