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I think it would be fun to assemble a picture/video archive representing movie-stars, musicians, politicians, etc ... on a BIKE. My pick is from Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid (1969). Pictured here is Paul Newman and Katharine Ross. One of the great classic scenes of Hollywood. Any more contributions to this thread are welcomed.

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Pictures of Hillary and Bill Clinton enjoying a bike ride.

Cub's coach Joe Maddon on his fatbike. Is 2016 'next-year'? Good luck coach!

Nice share !

Possibly the last photo of Prince is him on a bike.

Just a week earlier this one was snapped by a fan:

So sad he is gone, but being on a bike I'm sure was very therapeutic for him. 

D Rose-

Barbara Bush Rest in Peace

I'd swear I saw Steven Spielberg cycling in the Dearborn PBL this morning, lol


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