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Cargo Bikers: Ride With The Green Party on St. Patrick's Day

Forwarding a request/opportunity from a friend. Follow the contact info below if you've got a cargo bike or trailer and would like to help out with a human powered float on behalf of the green party - 

The event is March 13th. The parade starts at noon. But folks will be gathering at about 11. We are looking for dudes and dudettes with sweet bikes that can haul or hold things. Jeremy Karpen- state rep- (, RIch Whitney-Gov- (, and LeaLan Jones -Senate- (
are a few of the candidates who will be there. 

It will be a blast walking in the parade and a chance to show off some sexy bikes! It should only be a couple hours in the afternoon! Contact Rebecca at or 224-623-1491 if you are interested!

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Will the cargo bikes be trailing Rich's ginormous campaign RV?


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