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Bell Canoeworks Canadienne.

Kevlar hull with aluminum gunnels and wood seats; 2 laminated wooden oars; 3 lifejackets; 2 vinyl fenders (those balloonlike things that hang over the gunnels to protect the canoe from piers etc.) and a Yakima roof rack (should fit your car); nylon straps and ropes to secure the canoe to the roof-rack.
It is currently hanging in the garage; the hanging equipment is included too.

It originally cost $1750 (plus the extras). Asking $1000 or best; including all the extras.

I know the owner and he’s meticulous, the canoe is in like-new condition.

I believe it is a 17’ canoe, I’ve asked and am awaiting a reply.

Contact me and I'll put you in touch with the owner/seller.

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It is 17'.

I'll see if Craig (the owner) has or will take some photos for posting if you're interested.


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