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New Belgium Brewing is not bringing Tour De Fat into Chicago for 2019 . . .

TDF Chicago 2018 Post parade at 100* fahrenheit. 

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Looks like there is a thing happening regardless...

This way maybe there won't be as many freeloaders?

Thanks dug !  Prices have been going up for TDF in the past few years anyways. Who's been freeloading?  In the early years at Palmer Square Park maybe, but in the marketing and promotion world that's what you have to do to establish an event and make it successful in the long term.  Then you try to STICK-IT to them.

The literal DROVES of people who would bring in their own beer; you know, the thing WTB got the money from...

"The literal Droves of People..."

Ahhh . . . not really what I saw so much. Maybe a can or two in a backpack from those who usually struggle to pay their bills. Sure I did see a $10.99, 30 pk. of Old Style occasionally from people driving their car up to Palmer Square Park at 3:30pm towards the end of the event. There always was a line of cyclists putting their $10's and $20's down for more tokens. Soo, . . . where did all that money go?....New Belgium'$ cut.

Next question; September 7th is a late summer event date, the Saturday after the Labor day holiday. Why was that date chosen? Limited availability of Humboldt Park? No biggie but it seems late. Hope it works out for WTB and all in this community. . . 

It's been my job at TdF for years to see who didn't have a wrist band or had outside beer.

It's A LOT of people.

Yes, but Palmer Square Park was open to the public. Just like the lakefront beaches.

It's too bad the New Belgium isn't coming back, but thanks to Revolution, West Town Bikes gets a bit of a save for a benefit event!

That last TDF was brutal. Glad to see another more local sponsor take the benefit event on.

Bummer about freeloaders especially when it’s for a great organization. What the heck?!



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