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I think they are pretty neat.. No defining stamps or marks outside of stem shifter 333 written on it. I searched the web and all I can come up with is that they are Shimano. But I thought Shimano stamped everything.  I am just curious if there is any history to them, and what bikes they could have been used on and what years.


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probably Shimano 333 10-speed stem shifters from about early 70s? Low end, about the same time as banana seat muscle bikes I'd guess. Friction shift, before SIS or Positron. You might find pictures of this, and certainly will find lots of other 333 marked Shimano components, at if it ever comes back online. Until the Lark, Skylark, Crane and other bird named Shimano derailleurs, there were a lot labeled 333 after the successful but not great 3 speed hub they made. More:

Looks like something off one of those rail/banana-seat hot-rod bikes of the 70's.  


Pretty cool.

has it. It's a Shimano model L908 10 speed stem shifter from 1973.



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