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Saw this on the PBL at Kinzie and Wells this afternoon (7/5/2016).  Is there anything we can do about it, like report it to CDOT or something?  

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Much like falling trees in forests, is a law that isn't enforced or observed really a law at all?


Riding up Dearborn this morning, I was confronted by a SUV.  The driver apparently presumed that Dearborn was a 2-way street for cars and that the bike lane was the southbound lane.


A few blocks later, I came across a work van driving north in the lane.  The driver continued in this manner for at least 2 blocks, despite numerous opportunities to switch into an auto traffic lane. 


This does not make me feel "protected."

Both Dearborn and Kinzie were clear for me this morning. On Kinzie, I really hope they come back and repaint the lanes and reinstall the missing bollards after the construction work is complete. That will go a long way to inform drivers were to park.

This woman illegally parked in the bike lane on Grand. She left her car entirely (she was nowhere in site) with the blinkers on.  There are no offices where she parked so I assume her meeting was blocks away.

She appears to have some "emblem" from the city (see photo) that I assume she thinks gives her the ability to park anywhere.   I don't know why else she would have this document facing out on her dashboard.  She works for Rasier LLC some payroll co. affiliated with Uber.

Sick of these people. Ticket em! 

There's also the thread, "What's this doing in the bike lane?" for capturing obstructions e.g. cars, trucks, debris in the bike lane:



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