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Hello.  I posted a while ago about a short film we are trying to do with a ghost bike.  Well we tinkered with a bike and found one able to coast 150ft with someone running and giving it a push.  We are now trying to increase speed and distance. 

I'm hoping to connect with any fast avid riders who would be interested in helping us test a theory on Sunday.  We would like to find a rider willing to gain a fast speed riding their bike while holding onto our "prop" bike and letting it go once a fast speed has been achieved.  In theory if the rider then broke and let the prop bike carry on we should be able to get faster speeds than someone just running with the bike and giving it a push.

Any takers?  Should only be an hour session that can be done anytime after 12pm.

Robert Castilla


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Dont let anyone who did the Marauders ride the night before volunteer for this. They may still be drunk enough to want too, but nothing good would come of that.


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