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So occasionally I like taking long trips. It would be nice to be able to mount my camera onto my handle bars to take some video of whats going on around. Anyone got any suggestions or know where to buy a mount.

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For better picture Quality Helmet mounts work best because of body suspension
GoPro's new HD HERO Camera is best in picture quantity. It's about $300

Using your own camera I find using a Jersey or jacket with a front Media pocket over
the chest makes it easy to take camera out in a pinch for fast picture taking.

Here is a Picture I took of a Coyote when riding this winter.

The solutions are endless. As well as helmet mounts already mentioned you can get something a bit flimsy like the Flip velcro mount that might still be around, something like this from Amazon or you can get some bulletproof grip equipment like a Mafer clamp with a ballhead

What kind of camera, how much it weighs and how large it is will determine your mounting choice.
With the recent discussions about angry/bad drivers, I've been wondering about the legal issues with bike mounted video cameras. Namely, are they admissible as evidence, and is there a difference if you are the victim of an incident while recording or merely a witness to one? I'm pretty sure you can't legally record a conversation with someone without their knowledge, but does that same principle carry over to video on the street? Any attorneys out there?
I just recently tried something like this with my camera. I just used one of those tripods with the legs with joints that you can bend and wrap around stuff. It held up just fine, problem is that anything but the smoothest pavement will cause the camera to vibrate all over the place and give you unusable video. I did one test run and immediately determined that like Norm mentioned, a helmet mount camera is the way to go.



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