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Since I commute 20 miles daily I've been thinking it could be a good idea to get a cam....just in case.  

Any recommendations for a low-cost utility cam?  Picture quality doesn't have to be great.  I'd like a long battery life, though, and something around $50-100.  There a few cheapie cams like this one on Amazon for $35-50.  Does anyone have experience with those?  

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I agree with OnlyCHICyclerWhoStopsAtStopSigns, and I also hope that my video cam will enhance your safety, when it can be used as evidence to draw attention to bad driver behavior.

Well, bad *anybody* behavior. Honest to God, drivers are the least of my annoyances and dangers out there. biggest: other cyclists. Seriously, five times on my way to work today I almost got killed by people zooming past me with maybe an inch between the two of us without a warning. I've found the most dangerous around me, in order from most to least: 1) other cyclists (not everybody, just a few), 2) pedestrians, 3) Canada geese on the LFT detour, and 4) motorists.

Sure, dozens of Chicago cyclists die annually due to other cyclists (just a few), pedestrians, and Canadian geese. Motorists are a mere annoyance.

I'm talking *my own experience*. In all my riding, I've had exactly *one* time in which I had an issue with a motorist, and that was in the last two weeks. (A near miss. Or, by George Carlin's definition, a near hit: "She nearly hit me.") Canada geese, ever since the LFT had the detour.

It's terrible if even one Chicago cyclist dies in a year other than from natural causes.  However, the number is never a dozen, much less dozens.  That being said, I would say drivers scare me the most, but followed pretty closely by other cyclists.

Read more carefully -- I was clearly being facetious.

As though your video cam will awaken a previously unaware public of the erratic, reckless, and aggresive driving of too many motorists. Whatever.

It's hard to pardon your tangent when you participate in this thread the way that you do.  Perhaps your mission is accomplished and you can troll another thread now?

Ooooo. Is my participation trophy at risk??


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