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This is going to be more fun than a prairie dog in grandpappy's plumbing. But don’t reflect too much on that.
Instead, pilgrim, mosey on over to this link here and belly up to the biggest hoedown since Roy & Dale’s reception - the Happy Trails Jamboree, a boot stompin’ benefit for this here Calumet-Sag Trail.

That feller in the ten gallon white hat, Sen. Dick Durbin, has brought in the mother lode of trail funding - but there’s what we old cowhands call a hitch: our Cal-Sag communities has got to match 20% of that to get any of it. It’s like breakin’ a horse - a horse is either broke, or he ain’t. You’re either ridin’ or laid out in the dirt, mister, there ain’t no in between.

Well,us Friends aim to sit tall in the saddle as we blaze this trail, and I reckon we’ve got a place in our posse for you. We aim to make the remaining match in one night of hoopin’ & hollerin’, and general grownup orneriness the likes that’d put legs on a snake and call it a dog.

Bernie Glim and Country Roads is our entertainment for the evening, as well as - rumor is - a cow milking contest, a Live Auction showdown, and dualing Miss Kitty’s serving shots of whiskey. This ain’t no pony ride, Ma & Pa - though we will have an indoor kid’s corral (away from the grownups) should grandma have snuck out to go steppin’ again.

So tie your pony up to the Jamboree page and take a moment to reflect— are you just buyin’ tickets, or is your hat tall enough to step up as an auction contributor, or maybe, pilgrim, a major donor?

Better pull the trigger soon - there are only 225 tickets.
Giddy up!

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223 tickets!
Yippee kai yay!

Tony Adams said:
223 tickets!


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