Calling all ladies! Recruiting new members for The Racketeers

Heya Heya!

Looking for new faces and ladies to join our group The Racketeers


Who we are.

Easily put, an all girl bmx dance performance troupe.


Do you like bikes? Do you like performing or maybe want to try it out for the first time?

How can you say no???


 We are in our early phases and have been putting together routines for a couple of the upcoming Bike Winter events: Bike Swap and Bike Winter Art Show.


There are more performances to come after that but lets keep that to ourselves for the time being.


Currently 7-8 girls are participating in the group actively. We would love to have a few more on board!


This is completely open to anyone. No experience in dance or bmx tricks required...heck none of us played much on bmx's til the past 3 months. And we are looking good!!!


It's about having fun, playing on bikes in ways we haven't done before, putting another exciting bike activity and group in the Chicago scene and being around a really great group of ladies.


If you're interested in checking out a practice, want more inquiry, or just want to jump into the group


Shar Finley

Kellie Walters

Laura Oliver

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