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We are "Bike Bald" a non-profit group that does everything with one mission...of biking, safe and fun and all to support Pediatric Cancer Awareness.

We are holding one of two largest events of our year a "Bike Rodeo".  This consist of a large FREE Vendor Market (FREE for the vendors and public) - Bike related items, boutique items, athletic items etc...

Kids Safety Rodeo - with an obstacle course for children.

The Main Event:  The "BIKE BADGE RODEO" - its where we have police, firemen and Park district/cadets/bagpipers compete in a timed obstacle course.  For a LARGE Dept. Trophy and individual trophy.  At this event we will have a large stage & we are in search of entertainment for the crowd...unique bikes, unique bike groups - there is a skate park there also. 

We are a total grass root group, all dollars go to our mission, but we are desperately in need of a cargo bike for our cancer families to carry supplies needed for the children, braces, medical/supply back packs....If you have one and would like to donate to support Pediatric Cancer Awareness..Please let us know.

To be involved or find out for information:

or email:

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When/where is the bike rodeo, exactly?

And are the cargo bikes being borrowed for the rodeo, or being donated to families?



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