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UPDATE - The Chainlink's Blog Roll is Live.  Check it out here!  

(It's very much a list-in progress).



It's time to update our blog section. This list hasn't been updated in almost 2 years!


Post your suggestions here or send them to


Ben Likes Bikes
Bike Commuters
Bike Curious
Bike Snob NYC
Chicago Bike Blog
Chicago Wanderer
Dave Moulton's Blog
Fat Cyclist
George On A Bike
Hipster Nascar
Let's Go Ride A Bike
Mr. Pither
LiveJournal Bike Community
Practical Pedal
The Safety Is Sexy Campaign
Urban Velo
Vote With Your Feet

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I've been a huge fan of your site for some time.  May I humbly suggest Chicago Bike Injury Lawyers to your blogroll?  Thanks and best regards.  Jonathan

Please consider adding my blog:

As well as featuring my artwork I post regularly on all things bike,including Chicago, books, racing, movies, history etc.

As long as they are regional and bike related they'll will be added.  We aren't able to add many at a time, but they will get in there. 

Great idea!  Will add to wish list for blog roll 2.0 (i.e. this is the first version). 

William Lazarus said:

How about a subject box so that folks can find blogs by topic. Otherwise, I fear they will be lost in chatter.

How about this one?   From our friends  =)


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