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It's come to my understanding that for some cyclists, caffeine and biking are like peanut butter and jelly. Admittedly, I like to guzzle a cup of joe before I bike the streets in the morning. 

I've heard so many mixed theories and explanations, would someone mind clearing it up for me?


Is caffeine good or bad before biking?

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Although definitely not the safest thing for your body when I was training in college I use to drink a cold coffee just before my short ride days (15miles in sand/bark).  As everyone else stated hydration is very important. Basically the water in your body at the start of your workout is all you're going to get, so no caffeine at any other time except just before the ride.  The benefit is that caffeine is a pain killer and it definitely helped me push harder and longer. 

For a longer ride though I would stay away from it until near the end.

Recent studies have shown that moderate caffeine intake does not have a negative effect on hydration during exercise and only a mild diuretic effect, especially among those who usually drink caffeinated beverages.

Coffee, coffee, if there are no other options.  Once upon a time you could get this via

I take a supplement that has some green tea extract in it for caffeine and the rest is vitamins and adaptogenic herbs.  I know from my personal trial and error I can feel the difference, especially in recovery and post workout energy.


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