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This Sunday, 11am to 2pm, come cut some fleece for ear/neck warmers and balaclavas to distribute at future events. BYOScissors if possible. To RSVP and get address, (near Armitage and Kimball) email me at gin_kilgore at yahoo dot come. We do have a dog, so if you have allergies, beware. We just duplexed our place, so have lots of floor space.

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I'm there! Can't wait to see the new place!

Thanks for the shout out, willow. Yes, donate the extra hour to fleece :) I am soooooooooo ready for the time change. My son is sick of us waking him up "in the middle of the night."

That's so funny!

Thanks for the time change reminder. I wrote that it was coming up in this week's Bike Winter email but I had no idea it was THIS weekend? I'll be happy for the ease of kid rousing in the AM but depressed to come home to darkness each afternoon. 



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