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Got a note from ATA a few minutes ago about the startup of Bus Rapid Transit in the Loop:

I routinely ride north/south so will cross those corridors. Here's what the northbound bike lane on Franklin looks like at (I believe) Washington:

The little box in the lower left-hand corner is the northern edge of a parking spot. I don't know if the Geek Squad car planned to turn right, but he could. There are no separate bike traffic lights at this intersection, nor any "Look out for bikes" warnings for pedestrians. During the construction, I've had a few close calls. I can't imagine things are going to get better when the BRT lane is open. I'm a little worried how this is going to work itself out, and I'm normally a pretty confident urban bike rider.

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You can also email, or the commissioner, 

They plowed the Canal and Harrison lanes a couple of days ago but left the snow barricades in place. Within an hour the lanes were a minefield of ice dragged in by the cars that routinely park there every day because there is never any enforcement.

Forget the PBLs.  BBLs are much safer and easier to maintain.

BBL == ???

Buffered Bike Lanes

I just saw 2 Streets and San workers out hand shoveling chunks of ice out of the Washington PBL, just west of LaSalle.  The Dearborn PBL was full of ice chunks just south of Kinzie yesterday, with the SB lane completely blocked.



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