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Columbia College down in the South Loop has chosen to convert the former Buddy Guy's parking lot into a secure bike parking lot for it's students and staff. Here's part of their announcement today:


"We are pleased to announce that on Wednesday August 3rd, the College will open the newly reconfigured parking lot at 754 S. Wabash (Wabash & 8th, the old Buddy Guy’s parking lot) for bicycle parking.  There are two secured entrances to the parking lot, one on Wabash and one on 8th Street.

NOTE:  Motorized vehicles are prohibited from parking in the bicycle parking lot."


Thanks to Columbia's Cycling Club, and the numerous staff and students who convinced the school to do this!

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I don't know the details. I suspect it will work with the Columbia Card, which is used for access to some buildings and checking out equipment. 


Like any other space in the Columbia campus, it sounds like it will only be available to Columbia staff & students.

cool. so this is already open? any more pics or details?


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