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I call upon the assembled wisdom of the BikeSound group for input. Personally, I don't know that Fab offers enough information to judge.

I might consider using one of these for Midnight Marauders rides. Something lightweight that could be carried through the rough terrain these rides often traverse would be ideal. A high amount of decibels would be neither warranted nor appropriate.

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Gahhh! Okay ... files attached. These buggers are pricy. Least expensive and most expensive here, others are in-between.



I like the Double Trouble.

It blasts in 2 directions. That is perfect for projecting forward and backward.

If I can't hear it while I'm riding; then I'm not hauling it.

Also one could piece together a better system for less $.

The secret is to use cheap 12volt based  parts.

The main parts are:



speaker cabinet


wireless mic

battery charger

A quick search of just Amazon reveals:

12 volt battery 18-40 amphour size                          (3) less than 100    

12 volt amplifier  200- 500 watts size                        (5) less than 100

speaker cabinets                                                   (2) less than 100

PMBH839 200-Watt 8'' Speaker Cabinet  $48.90  for one! (you can have 1 or 2)

add a small 12 volt mixer/preamp  ------Rolls MX28 VI Mixer $75                        

add a cheap 12 volt wireless mic  --  $39 Samson 5H VHF Handheld Wireless System      

add a cheap 12 volt battery charger  $29

Add a few wires and connectors, that is still less than $550 while you will have a full versatile  PA system that will run 10hours+.

If you search some more you could do better.

Yeah I only ever heard about the boomcases after making my beattaché and the prices are bananas for what it takes to make one yourself. I've put a fair amount of stuff in mine to tidy it up, make it easier to charge, easier to control from the handlebars, etc, and I doubt I've topped $150 total (not including tools), plus anything you build is always gonna be cooler than anything you buy. 

I might get to work on a second case, this time making my own amp. That could drive down the cost a few more notches.


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