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Haven't been here in awhile and see that we're mum on this subject.

This past week has been crazy but change is uncomfortable and change is needed. As cyclists we stand to benefit from increased police accountability, I'd like to think we support the BLM movement. I do.

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Anything like these NYC bike protests going on in Chicago?

I'm not sure of anything quite as large as what you've described, but this weekend I know of Fro Skate's "No Brakes" event on the 4th of July and another event on Sunday that starts in South Chicago at 86th and S Commercial and ends at Mann Park that calls out cyclists, skaters, and families. Most information seems to be distributed on IG. I didn't organize either event at all and do not feel comfortable posting the flyers here. 

Weeks later, still feel in strong support of BLM. The posting on this thread reminded me, went back and read it again. Black Lives Matter. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat. 

Needs to be said often and out loud. We need to remember.

For Hamilton, the mission is also personal. “In high school one of my close friends got killed by the police without any closure,” he said. “My older brother also has mental issues, on and off, and the police always treated him like shit instead of treating him like he needs some help.”

Hamilton believes protesting via bike has an unrivaled momentum. “You can’t really stop 5,000 bikes going down the street. You can try it, but bikes are kind of fast, we can just ride right around you,” he said. “Also, it sets up a sort of perimeter, a wall that police can’t really infiltrate.”

YES. The message BLACK LIVES MATTER does not have an expiration date.

Ok, so I was remiss in not saying this before... I really appreciate this forum post. This needs to be talked about often. It helps to have a safe space to come talk about it. So thank you VW for posting and sorry you got friction from some of us as you posted. Let's see if we can all help VW out and post articles and news about bikes and the BLM movement. There are a lot of great, positive ways cyclists have peacefully protested. 


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