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I work set-up and take-down crew for a lot of the near west summer street fairs, and I see some dangerous behavior that I'd like to point out.  I know how it is:  You're biking along and the street is closed, but it's late at night, and--hey--I'm on a bicycle, and I can go right through!  Before you do, though, please think twice about your own safety and that of others.


If it's a Friday night or a Sunday night (typically--your results may vary), what is happening on that street is that a lot of heavy equipment is moving around; there are no traffic rules inside the street fair area; parts of the street are completely blocked; and (most important) NO ONE is looking for bicycles.  They are all trying to get their jobs done and go home and get some sleep. 


I've seen a lot of bikers get themselves into stupid situations inside a street fair take-down.  Not only that, but the bikes are a potential hazard for the people working there.  So, please, take the one-block detour.  Or walk your bike.  (I know--We all hate to walk the bike.)  Or ride slowly on the sidewalk.  Or at least be aware of the risk you are taking.  I don't want to be the one offering first aid or calling 911. 

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Do they make special nylon grinding attachments for Freestyle railing on libertarians?


I'm trying not to, but, geez, these downtown events sure do screw up my Jackson crossing.

I know, Adams or Balbo; but at 7:00 AM, I'm on cruise control and the brain isn't quite working alternatives out yet . . .



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