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I've been scouring the internets trying to find a easy-to-read route to help plan an upcoming tour around Lake Michigan. I've checked and, which are both great resources, but i'm having a tough time puttin it all together.

It seems like this is the "go-to" for chicago residents. I bet lots of people are going this summer.

Anyone out there have any experience, advice, or resources to share on route planning?

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Peter - Good luck and let us know how it goes! We just returned from a week backpacking in Denali and have been discussing next year's camping vacation. I think we have settled on touring/camping around lake Michigan. Will you be camping or staying hotel/motels? Either way please give us a ride report when you return and good luck again!

Peter Dykstra said:

Hey all, I know this thread is super old, but in case anyone else is referencing it (ranks high on google), I thought I'd contribute the site I recently built:

I'll be doing the circumnavigation starting this August 30, 2014 with a friend, and will be posting updates and continuing to add other resources/info to that site. If anyone has any questions or suggestions, please let me know!


Denali must have been amazing, that's high on my todo list - do you have any photos from the trip?

Our plan for Lake Michigan is to camp along the way, besides a couple opportunities to stay with friends. We each have our minimalist hammock setups, which are super easy to carry along and work well for impromptu campsites. We'll be posting updates to our website and using the hashtag #bikelakemichigan on Twitter and Flickr, if you're interested. (Also, we are fundraising for the Alliance for the Great Lakes through our website!)

A quick gear audit before the trip begins tomorrow:

Compare your maps to high traffic roads on ?


I had a conversation with the owner of the site linked below earlier this summer after coming back from my first (brief) visit to the UP, by car. You might find it helpful.

I did around Lake Michigan 18 months ago. Here is a link to my ride/route:

You may also consider reviewing this website:  This site was a great reference in planning my trip around the lake.

thanks for the shoutout, Mark, congrats on your trip - looks like it went well!


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