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I splurged and got myself a brand new bike with my very limited funds last summer- I'm glad I did.  I am a victim of the recession.  I have nothing but a room to stay in in Uptown until I find proper employment.  Life is hell here- we had a SWAT team after some fugitives barricaded themselves in a building nearby earlier this week and we were all warned to stay indoors and away from windows.  There are shootings constantly- 3 more people were just shot a mere 1/2 hour ago.  I heard the hail of gunfire in my room.  I have a college education, I worked full time for many years before this slump- never had much but a good bike was always in my possession.  Thank goodness, I can get on that bike and be in Boystown, Anersonville or Ravenswood in 10 minutes.  Totally different worlds- and safety.  Just my little homage to my very loved two wheeled freedom.  I love my bike.

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Thank you! :-)

Mary Ralph said:

what's interesting is that if you actually sit down and look at violent crime figures, uptown has less violent crime than communities such as humboldt park and logan square, let alone garfield park, lawndale or austin.

CPD crime map

i've always felt that uptown has more of a reputation because it is a north side neighborhood and surrounded by affluent communities, much in the way that cabrini-green (far less dangerous than stateway or rockwell gardens) somehow gained international notoriety. it's not so much the actual crime as the juxtaposition of a low-income or working class neighborhood with the posh neighborhoods surrounding it.

regardless, i'm glad to hear your bicycle is helping you to feel safe.

Welcome to Chicago, Amber!  Crime is on the rise everywhere in the city, doesn't matter where you live.  Thanks to our ballerina of a Mayor who dances around the issues, districts will be closing, no officers are being hired, and the cuts to social programs are making Chicago look like Detroit.  

Robert Beck said:

Thanks to our ballerina of a Mayor who dances around the issues

Robert Beck said:

...Crime is on the rise everywhere in the city...

Meanwhile, in reality...

"...while the 19th District, which covers Lincoln Square, Northcenter and Lakeview, has seen violent crime incidents decline from 1,352 to 406 from 1990 to 2009, the 6th District, which covers Auburn-Gresham and Chatham on the South Side, has only declined from 4,178 to 2,792 incidents in the same period....




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