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I have not yet made use of Divvy but will very likely be perusing Denver's B-Cycle on an upcoming trip.... looking to travel light and not excited about dragging a helmet along... plus the friend I'm going with doesn't own one as far as I know.

So are you generally carrying a helmet around with you? Or have you just got comfortable going without? Or some other solution I am not touching on?


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You used to hear people warn that helmet covers of any sort should be avoided as they are likely to "catch" on the ground and increase the stress on the neck.  It's always made sense to me on an intuitive level, although I doubt there's been much objective testing.

I'm not sure how this could meet the US (CPSC) standard, which states:

External projections greater than 7 mm must break away, and all others must be smoothly faired to offer "no significant frictional resistance to tangential impact forces."

I would avoid a helmet that's not ANSI/SNELL certified.

The beau and I are headed to vacation in Europe.  We intend to ride Velib in Paris and rent bikes for the wine route in Colmar.  I'm trying to convince him we need to take our helmets on our transatlantic trip. 

I keep a helmet at my office for Divvy rides. 



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