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Bikes n' Roses state grant rescinded; program shut down

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Sad, and the Belmont Cragin community could have used a boost in bike culture.

funny that when "cuts" are needed it is is never corporate tax loopholes

I rode by there today.  3448 W Lawrence.  Some time ago I saw where a limited business license was either issued or applied for.  Does anybody know what the current status is?

The city of Chicago just released its RFP for youth summer jobs.  Perhaps Bikes 'n' Roses can apply for Greencorps Youth Program?

Dear Colleagues ~ Building on the success of last year’s One Summer Chicago initiative, the Department of Family and Support Services (DFSS) is pleased to announce some exciting new changes to our summer employment programs and encourage applications from qualified and interested Respondents to administer one or more of the following summer youth programs:

•             Summer Youth Employment Program (SYEP)

•             One Summer Chicago PLUS (OSC+)

•             Greencorps Youth Program (GCYP).

We are excited to announce four new features this summer!

1.  Centralized Payroll for Youth Wages.  DFSS is working with a third party payroll manager to provide summer youth payroll services. This means Respondents who choose the option of working with this payroll provider will not be required to use their own funds to pay youth wages or issue paychecks for youth participants. This relieves the financial burden on Respondents.  Respondents will be responsible for tracking and uploading participant work hours and participation but will no longer be responsible for having to advance youth wages, seek reimbursement for those wages, calculate withholdings, issue checks or prepare end of the year earnings statements for their summer youth. 


2.  Special program for Deferred Action for Childhood Arrival (DACA) recipients through SYEP. In partnership with Mayor Emanuel’s Office of New Americans, the SYEP program seeks applications from qualified organizations working with and on behalf of immigrant communities to better engage and educate DACA students, their families and communities about Administrative Relief. Using the SYEP summer jobs model, DACA youth will conduct civic outreach and engagement to disseminate information and educate individuals and families in their communities about the application process for administrative relief provided for under President Obama’s November 2014 executive actions.


3. The OSC+ violence prevention program is doubling in size in 2015!  The program will offer 2,000 opportunities for youth at high risk of violence involvement this summer.  In order to serve the increased number of youth through this specialized, intensive program, DFSS is seeking to double the number of providers trained to deliver this proven violence prevention program. 


4.  Upgrades to the OSC+ program.  A new 30-hour civic leadership curriculum for OSC+ is being developed by the Civic Leadership Foundation and will be used to develop 21st century skills and employment skills in OSC+ youth participants. Additionally, OSC+ will pilot new protocols to link youth who successfully complete the program to year-round educational and/or employment pathways through Chicago Public Schools, City Colleges of Chicago, and the Chicago Cook Workforce Partnership.  If funding permits, OSC+ agencies will receive additional resources to provide basic mentorship support for OSC+ graduates for an additional 38 weeks post summer. All OSC+ agencies will be expected to participate in this extension.


Proposals are due on Tuesday, March 17, 2015

To download the Request for Proposals and attachments:


Does anyone have Oscar's contact information? Phone number? Email? If you could please send me a private message with the information, we've been trying to get a hold of him to see how Chainlink can help - an article, social media, a fundraiser, etc. I heard back from him once but to keep this moving, I'm hoping for a little more direct contact. Thanks!!

Thanks for the response Oscar! I am all set now. We'll have some news coming soon. :-)

I went in to see Oscar today, Friday 3/6; he just re-opened yesterday. 

They have a lease on the building at 3448 W. Lawrence Avenue, north side of the street one block east of the supermercado.  Right now it’s a “one-man-shop” because a lot of the student had to go out and find other work. 

It will be closed Sun-Tues, but open from 11am to 7pm Wednesday through Saturday.

Actually it a little larger than the old location on Kedzie. 

Fund raising seems to have hit bump.  Maybe share this with your friends who care about youth:

Angel Cordero was nervous, angry and sad when he was told the youth program he worked at had to shut down by midnight.

The 16-year-old high school sophomore was one of dozens of teens fired when Bikes N’ Roses — which teaches teens to repair bikes and sell them — became another casualty of Gov. Bruce Rauner’s freeze in state funding.

But Oscar Rivera, who oversees the Bikes N’ Roses program for its parent organization, Communities United, isn’t giving up.

Read the whole story:

So exciting to see the story getting picked up (and more donations being given as a result). Thanks for posting this Bob!


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