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So I fear admitting this, but I am in a biker's slump. While last year I couldn't wait to jump on my bikes and go for quick or long rides, these last few weeks I've found myself rationalizing the metra and cabs over biking. 


I tried getting new gear for my bike, but it didn't break the slump.

I cleaned my bike (which only resulted in grease stains everywhere.)

I miss my chainlink events, but the thought of dealing with potholes and drivers prove a massive hurdle.

Any tips on how to break this slump & restart my love for cycling in the city? 

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Sometimes folks, you've just got to put your head down and push through it. I know that's not the answer you were looking for, but that's how life works. It'll get better.

I tend to get in one of these every year.  though this year, it happened during the hot days of summer for almost a month.  Coming out of any of these slumps, I always kick myself, "why didn't I get back on the bike sooner??"

I've been very conscious about avoiding my normal fall slump this year, by setting a mileage goal for 2012. I still need a few hundred miles, and if I keep bike commuting until the permafrost hits, I'll make it.

Two words:  Tall bike.

hee hee. I think Sarah Kaplan had one for me but I was too slow to move on it.

Dan Korn said:

Two words:  Tall bike.


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