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This is a great spot to post on the upcoming Bike Winter workshop:  Make it Reflective! that Willow and I will be hosting over at Active Trans on Dec. 5.  I'm trying to organize another workshop for next week but I'm having trouble finding a central location for it.


Re. people who don't have lights... I see it as my personal mission in life to hand out blinkies and front lights.  I carry at least 2 flashlights on me at all times.  I frequently hand out a $4 LED flashlight with a fat rubberband wrapped around it.  You can buy these at most hardware stores, some Walgreens, grocery stores, etc.  It takes literally 5 seconds to mount it to their handlebars, and people are so universally grateful for it.  Almost no one knows that front lights are the law in IL.    The blinkies I buy are from trade show premiums, and run about $1.50/piece if you buy 75 or more.  You can also spend a bit more (about $3/light) to get a bike mounted blinkie from China.  Yes, I know this is not the best sort of business to support (buy local!), but I can't afford to buy these for freebies if they aren't super cheap.  



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I think there can be a party for anything....
I can host as well.  I'm near Damen and Diversey.
What would you like to host? How about a weeknight in the last November week?

A.K.A Paul said:
I can host as well.  I'm near Damen and Diversey.


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