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Thinking about what to do for our next vacation. We try to fit some bike time in when we go on vacation. Some trips are completely bike focused. Here are a few of our recent bike vacations...

Mountain Biking in Sedona

Hilly training rides in Santa Barbara County Wine Country

Mountain Biking in North Carolina

So I'm hoping for some help - some ideas for vacation. Ideally in the U.S. and involving bikes. If you have pics, please post them. :-) Thanks!

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Amtrak to Glacier Park, MT. Ride to Going to the Sun Road thru the divide at Logan Pass to Whitefish, MT.

Amtrak to Glenwood Springs, CO. Ride to Trail Ridge road (US34, Ogden here in Chicago) and soar to 12700ft above sea level. Finish in Estes Park/Loveland.

I'll upload pictures of those trips when I'm less lazy:)

Not sure if my original note went through so I will try this again.

Adventure Cyclists magazine can provide some good ideas.  In addition, if you are looking to do self-supported (camping or motel to motel), here are some that I have done: SE Minnesota, including a combination of the Root River Trail and the Mississippi River Trail; NW Ohio which is an old lake bed and very flat; Mississippi River Trail from the Quad Cities to LaCrosse and beyond; from the headwaters of the Mississippi River to the Twin Cities; any of the trails in central Minnesota, including the Lake Wobegon Trail; and hub and spoke in the Des Moines area, taking in the High Trestle Trail, plenty of micro-breweries.

And if you are looking for something off-shore, the Eurovelo network is wonderful.  Read the book "baguettes and bicycles".  It is all about eating and biking, favorite past-times of many of us!

Bob Hoel

Katy Trail in Missouri.  Bike & Breakfast & Wineries.  Packed rock like I&M canal.  Wider tires for road bike, or hybrid or MTB.

The Ice Age Trail in Kettle Moraine! There's a brewery at the north end of the trail and plenty of places to camp along the way...

To add a little to the Muskegon bit, if you take the ferry from Wisconsin, you can take trails all the wy to Grand Rapids, too.


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