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From an Uptown Update submission:

Another case I thought your readers might be interested in. You posted about a burglary from a building on Agatite last November where someone had gotten inside and stolen two bikes.  The cops were on top of it and found the guy a couple blocks away with the bikes.

Well, that turned out to be someone you've posted about before, Michael Greenstreet.  He'd just gotten out of prison a couple months earlier from another residential burglary in Uptown when he stole the bikes on Agatite.  So now he's back behind bars, sentenced to six years.  This was his tenth conviction of burglary.  He used to give his address as the REST Shelter, but his address is The Illinois Penal System for the next few years."

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dude could use a few square meals a day.. and lockup will give him just that.. and access to the largest network of criminal drug trade in the country.. (the penal system)


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