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Bike Thief PHOTO: stealing Red Specialized @ 165 N Canal 9/23

Forwarded from a friend. She wasn't able to do enough to stop him, but did get a photo of a man stealing a bike across from 165 N Canal.

Apparently, he took the tire off the bike that was locked via ulock to a pole, put a new one on and rode away.

Stray Observations:

  1. Pass this on to people you know who had a bike (or tire) stolen yesterday. Perhaps it will bring them joy, anger, closure or all of the above.
  2. PLEASE LOCK YOUR BIKE BETTER. Holy crap people. Resource:
  3. He obviously stole a front tire from another bike and then helped himself which totally settles the "what the hell do these people do with one tire"question I've always had.
  4. Memorize this face and if you see him walking around with a bike part, call the police and start yelling at him so people will start looking. (Insert warning about being REALLY SURE THIS IS THE SAME PERSON - the missing front teeth and glasses are helpful.)
  5. Please don't do the chainlink troll thing and yell about my friend not chaining herself to the bike and pulling a batman on this crook. You weren't there, you don't know my friend and until you earn some sincere bike thief vigilante street cred - shut up.

Sorry if # 4 was ugly or presumptuous. I'm just tired of the non constructive discussions and honestly don't have time for it.


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Flavored beer-- blech.

Yep, flavorless beer is totally where it's at.

h' $550 said:

Flavored beer-- blech.

Keep in mind that the site of this bike theft is very near Pacific Garden Mission. Crime stats will show that crime was reduced from the Balbo & Michigan Ave area when it was moved.

That's why my avatar drinks nothing but PBR.

Andrew N said:

Yep, flavorless beer is totally where it's at.

h' $550 said:

Flavored beer-- blech.

I vaguely remember that buried amongst pages of blasterphilic felgercarb here was some mention that people with spare wheels especially downtown bear suspicion.  Happened across this on Jackson at Canal (just five blocks from incident that started this thread).  Am I naive to hope there's a reasonable explanation?



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