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Hi everyone,


I have two speakers and an amp I'm will to donate to a good home. These were on a previous bike stereo of mine, but I no longer have that bike and have built a new system on a new bike. I don't really feel like going through the hassle of selling them so they're free to whoever wants them. 


Speakers (2): Sony Xplod. 190W peak, 4 Ohm impedance, 5x9 in ovals. They don't have grills, so you'd have to make some. I used plastic window screen. I bought these new for about $80.


Amp: Denon DCA-450. 12v 50W x 2, at 4 Ohm. Appears to be the same as this:

I bought this used for about $45.


Everything worked the last time I used them, but that was about 18 months ago. Today I notice that there is something rattling inside the amp, so I'm not positive. During the course of my using/abusing it, I had to open the amp up a lot and re-solder the heat sinks. Road vibration would cause the solders to the break which would cut power to the speakers.


If you're interested respond by email or phone (630.207.5906).



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