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I know this comes up about once a year for specific locations...I've looked through those and didn't find what I was looking for. 

Specifically, I'll be starting a new position near Monroe & Wells. If there is any secure bike parking that anyone knows about, I'd love to hear about it. If there's some that's not necessarily secure, but not on the street, go ahead and mention that. 

I'll ask the building when I am there, but just wanted to ride on my first day rather than take the train. Thanks!

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I currently have three or so dimpa bags with holes in the bottom from flying. They're pretty much single use for airlines. I recently upgraded to the b&w small perfect.

Did you scope out that spot?  I hope you get the good word that there is indoor parking in your building!

Indoor bike parking isn't always all it's cracked up to be- IMO. The parking in my building takes forever to get into and out of, so I just park it outside anyway.

I am sorry to hear that!  The facilities in my building are A+.  On the 18th floor, next to the fitness center.  My last building (227 west Monroe) has a locked entryway to the bike room which is in the heated garage.  I am optimistic that there will be a good place for Jaik.

Ya I worked at a building with indoor bike parking and I ended up just parking outside most of the time too. Was too much hassle to come in through the loading dock, take the freight elevator to the basement, sometimes the freight elevator would be in use, etc.

But, it sounds like Jaik has a nice-ish bike so it may be more worth it in that instance.

Hello! I made it through the first day and inquired about bicycle parking. My building is 227 W. Monroe. They have secured parking, requiring your I'd badge and a sticker for the bicycle(I asked for three stickers). I'll check it out tomorrow and give feedback. Thanks for all of the suggestions and responses.

They don't allow you to enter the garage through the driveways, you need to take the freight down. can save time when leaving through that south garage exit up the ramp!

I work here and go between the buildings all the time. First, make extra, triple sure you use good ulocks - a couple of my co-workers have had their bikes stolen when using cables. Second, it gets really crowded, so arrive early during good weather.

(I work in the building with the Peet's but bike park at 181 W Madison. They have secure bike parking for tenants in 181 W Madison which makes my life a lot easier.)

If you are in a building east of Wells, PM me and I can give you more details.

-- the alley between Wells and Franklin (btwn Madison and Monroe) has bike parking around back
-- I'm pretty sure that either/both the garages at Wells and Monroe and on Franklin near Adams has bike parking.

Report back!

I locked inside the garage on Monroe at Wells (187 W Monroe) for years no problems ever. There are always a lot of people hanging out near there as a deterrent and also none of the bikes are visible from the street. Enter through the main driveway on Monroe, bike rack and railing are both fine, to your left near the door to the building. 



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