bike parking hall of fame/hall of shame (was bike parking at stores, libraries and other major destinations)

I previously started this topic with a slightly different focus.  I'd like to keep the info we've already gathered and encourage you all to add more.  The goal is to collect data for a project I'm pursuing with a few folks to improve bike parking in the city.

Please post comments about Chicago businesses whose bike parking is either good (to say thanks) or needs improvement.  Include identifying information - name of business, address, and what is good or not so good about their bike parking

Photos are useful if you can get 'em.  If you have multiple businesses you'd like to mention, feel free.  They can be big chains (Jewel, Dominick's, Walgreens, Home Depot, etc.), franchises (hardware or fast food stores, for examples), or independent businesses.

If you talk to a store manager about the issue, tell us if you got any positive results.

Thanks for all your info!  It would be great if we can get better bike parking at the majority of stores and restaurants in bike-accessible locations in the next few years.  Your info can help make that possible.

I've had an ongoing discussion with a few people about the lack of good bike parking at most grocery stores, drug stores, etc. 

County Fair (a family-owned independent) at 108th & Western has city racks out front.  Riding there to shop is a piece of cake.

Jewel and Dominick's stores typically have no racks at all or one rack installed so close to a wall that it can only be used by a few bikes, or one rack in a location where it's always surrounded by shopping carts - not bike friendly.  Walgreens stores near me have wheel bender racks similar to this

The nearest CVS has a city rack out front near the door, which is well used, but the one on their own property is so far from the flow of traffic and installed so close to the wall that it's never used. 

There's a new public library on 95th St. that opened less than a year ago.  It has a 10-bike rack near the front door.  Guess what?  It's installed so close to the wall nothing with wheels larger than 20" can be secured to it with a U-lock.  It usually has no more than 2 bikes locked to it, then people start locking to the nearby benches and fence. 

Meanwhile, another perfectly good 10-bike rack goes unused, because it's tucked away in the corner of the parking lot, out of sight from where most cyclists approach the library.

Which grocery store, pharmacy and library are your usual stops?  Do they have good bike parking?  Tell us about what's good or bad about the bike parking at these places or other frequent destinations.  Curious minds want to know.

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as much as that sucks, the top picture with the pumpkins looks cool to me. Its like they are growing out of the bike rack.

im a senior at Northwestern and im working with the city of evanston to redistribute their bike rack parking. if you want to give input (and note that wherever you say bike racks are needed, they will **probably actually put one**), take the jump into this link and take the survey. wherever you indicate that you feel unsafe parking, there is also a likelihood that cameras or lights will be installed. thanks.

jump to survey:

I just listed four new locations, I'll add more as I can think of them.

And I was just talking to someone yesterday about how Walgreens has so many lousy bike rack installations.  Has anyone else seen good ones lately - at Walgreens or elsewhere?

Duppie said:


All the more sad, because on the same day a new bike rack got installed at the soon to open Walgreens across the street:A wave rack, with plenty of room, right in front of the entrance.

Walgreens 1. Jewel 0.

Ha - I was just going to say that this Walgreens looks familiar. Then I realized that Duppie and I are blocks apart and this was the local 'green' Walgreens on Clark. They also have plug-ins for electric cars. 


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