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CTA website says "Sheltered bike parking available" which is not as descriptive as I was hoping for. 

Anyone have knowledge on if it would it be OK to leave my bike (properly locked) there over the weekend? I want to ride there then get on the train to fly out of O'Hare.

I like other blue line station's parking where the racks are inside the turn-styles, visible to the employee stations, and covered from the elements, hoping that is the case at Jefferson Park too.

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Maybe not but it was the only 92 bus heading out. The traffic was backed up from before California which is where I passed it. nothing else passed me nor did I pass.

I'm used to slow traffic on Clark, Damen... but I guess the East/West routes are slower.
h' 1.0 said:

There are a zillion buses on Foster because of the Kedzie garage.  Seems unlikely to me you passed the same one.

Mike Zumwalt said:

Not related to parking but I locked mine up near Jeff park,got a flat en route, on the way home I missed the bus so I fixed it the rode down Foster and eventually caught up to and passed the bus!?

I think it's fair to say that most e/w streets in this city are the same in this regard-- the buses get completely stuck in bumper to bumper car traffic during rush hours, especially but not limited to one-lane stretches.  Fullerton, Armitage, Foster in particular are streets that could benefit from allowing bus and emergency motor traffic only.


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