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I posted this before and I am surprised this doesn't bother anyone.  But, when you're searching around the loop and trying frantically to find a place to park your bike.  And then you come across this.


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Consideration? That's a 5 syllable word. Way too complicated for most people to grasp. Similar to responsibility, an even tougher 6 syllable word. But freedom? Well, that's a 2 syllable word. Everyone understands the meaning of that word. Ooops, I'm beginning to sound preachy, VW is gonna chew me out for sure.

I park diagonally to allow for maximum consideration so you'd be preaching to the choir. However, suppose it's not downtown and it's a narrow sidewalk that you'd be obstructing if you didn't park the way pictured in the original post? Imagine there's six racks and no one's parked on any of them. Imagine there's bikes on the side facing away from the street or planters or whatever and you'd be sticking out into the street otherwise. Let's say it's a poorly placed rack too close to a building and there's no other way. There's a time and a place, no?

Seriously I felt like this whole thread was about time and place: anything goes when there's plenty of other options, but the trick is recognizing the time and place for what they are.  I got stuck several times in the winter when (I guess) other people all felt that they were the only ones commuting... to Columbia College... uh... 

Indeed! Agreed.

Bikeyface, on the subject of bike parking:


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