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Going over some old photos and looking at some new threads and saw a couple pics from Detroit that have bike lanes in them or spots for biking?

Hard to tell from the pics since I haven't lived there in almost 20 years but the Bollards are grouped and parking bumpers parallel to the street is something that would be great in Chicago.

If there's one thing Detroit knows is cars and how they occupy every single space they can and then how to keep them from being in bike lanes.

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That first photo is Woodward looking south from Campus Martius. I think the second one is Cass. 

Detroit has a very extensive network of bike infrastructure, and it's growing pretty rapidly. They're doing a good job of maintaining it now, too (until recently some lanes, e.g. Livernois, would be full of debris all the time.) There are separated or parking-separated lanes on Cass from the Boulevard down to nearly Grand Circus Park, and also on E. Jefferson more or less all the way out to Grosse Pointe Park. Lots more, too. Before all this was there (I lived there 1998-2008) I always found it a very easy city to ride in, since there was lots of space on the streets and drivers were friendly, but all the new infra is quite nice. When I am visiting for the weekend I stay with friends either in GPP or in Sherwood Forest and ride everywhere. 

It was easy to ride around mainly because of the lack of traffic and the roads so wide. I lived across from Wayne State I would park my car Friday and not drive until I had too on Monday. Grocery shop hit up Eastern market ride to Belle Isle, Mexican town.

I've said before that they could get a lot more density by expanding the People mover to Grand blvd and build high rises or mid rises 10 stories or so along that stretch from John R/75 to the Lodge but they want everything low with giant parking lots...such a waste.

Indeed - large roads with little traffic. It's more crowded now, but it's so much better overall. The New Center is well into the redevelopment wave already, and the streetcar goes up there.



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