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I wrote an op-ed style piece for Grid Chicago today. 

Here's an excerpt:

"This is a new era for Chicago’s citizen cyclists. There’s not been public outreach to decide where bicycle facilities should go; it’s a shame but we can’t change the past. Chicago is very alone in how it ignores the public’s needs when it comes to the creation of a safe bikeway network for cycling; New York City and Portland both consult the community. But Mayor Emanuel has changed the tone. Disregarding the lack of public outreach on the existing cycle tracks (Kinzie Street, Jackson Boulevard, 18th Street), his administration made a bold step by hiring someone to lead the Department of Transportation who is actually interested in leading the department (and someone from outside Chicago who’s not part of an internal shuffling of commissioners as former Mayor Daley did constantly)."


Read on for information about what equity is and how it can be meas....

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