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   I just did most of the ride across Illinois and back on the canal trails.  Here's a link to my summary of it for those interested.  The trail between Morris and Ottawa right now is more work than pleasure since the flooding.  I rode it one way and avoided that section on the way back.


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Thanks! I'm planning on riding out from the near west suburbs of Chicago to just past Morris on Friday.

Thank you for the report... I was thinking of riding out to Starved Rock along the I&M...

I appreciated reading your summary; sounds like a fun trip. And I appreciated the update as I am riding from Chicago to Starved Rock this Saturday. I called the I&M Trail conditions number (815-942-0796) and got a very helpful update from the representative on how to ride around the four washouts between Morris and North Utica.

I just got back from my S28O camping trip to Morris, and can report that the I & M is clear and smooth sailing from Rockdale to Morris.

I did, however, notice that the bikeway of the 171/83 bridge connecting the north section o the I & M trail to the Centennial Trail will apparently be closed during August and September. :/



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