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Does anyone else miss the news aggregator site that's linked to under resources (Bike Blogs)?

I really liked having a condensed view of local cycling news on one page - does anyone have a suggestion for an alternative?

For what it's worth, I also enjoy but it's more for the "big picture" blogs.


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Thanks for the heads up, will look into this now.  I know the developer is working on the new wordpress site including a better looking bike blogs page , and although I don't think it has anything to do with it, I'll check.

It could be that the free program we've used is either no longer free or down.   Will check back and let you know.

Hey all, I talked to Cezar (chainlink member) who helped set it up.  He said the domain is down for now.  They may end up paying their bill and will be up shortly. Either way we'll have a new blog roll with launch.  I always liked the way Leah had the blog roll originally set up also all one 1 page in boxes with the latest feeds.  NING made some changes early on and we were never able to replicate it. is pretty impressive. aggregates a bunch of LOCAL bike related Facebook and Twitter users and hashtags, some RSS's, etc.

Thanks to both of you - I'll take a look at mass and keep an eye out for the new launch.


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