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Does anyone out there in Chainlink land have a Big Dummy that could give me advice on which size might fit better? 

I am 6'2" with an inseam of 34.25 and am recently considering buying or building up a Big Dummy. The problem is no shops in the Chicagoland area have a single one I can try out for sizing. I was thinking the 20" but the 22" could be a better fit for all I know. I usually ride a 58-59cm road frame and my old mountain bike is a 19" which is a tad too small but I did that on purpose for trail riding. I'm sure if I go with the 20" I will be fine but this is a bit of an expensive purchase to just make a blind guess. 

I'm thinking about calling Surly to see if they can steer me in the right direction.

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I know that CL member Liz Durham has one and she is a tall person.

She also sells bikes for a living, so she may be a good person to contact.

The 20 has a stand over a bit over 32" and the 22 is almost 33" 

With your inseam I would lean to the 20"

I want my stand over to be about 2 inches from my overall cycling inseam right? In that case the 20" would probably fit quite well. I am super excited about this bike. It fascinates me how much I have increased my overall hauling needs over the last three or so years. My Masi CX with 4 panniers and a trailer just isn't cutting it anymore not to mention how much easier the Dummy will be for groceries and mega beer parties.

I usually see one at Johnny Sprockets on Broadway, its built up nice- it may be the owners.  Thats the one that I'd like to test ride. 

That is their shop bike. The new frames are a bit different than the older ones with the curved top tube. Would love to find one of the newer models to test out but they just don't get stocked anywhere. The 2013 is also a tad bit different than the 2012 apparently. A bit longer and higher S.O..

I wish I could convince the shop I work at to order a 20" and a 22" so I could buy the one I like but that isn't going to happen since the price point is a bit steep for a majority of our customers and we don't have to room to keep it on the floor or anywhere else for that matter.



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