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A friend of mine has her first stage race tomorrow and is a bit nervous. I'm trying to hook her up with a biking related playlist to listen to before she starts. Any suggestions?

Current List:

Handlebars - Flobots
Bicycle Race - Queen
Tony's Theme - The Pixies
Brand New Key - Melanie

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Freezepop - Bike Thief

Fun techno song, builds energy towards the end. (Disclaimer: I don't condone thievery)
Two sad songs:

Bicycle - Shout Out Louds
Black Hole - She & Him
Any news ones?
This is an awesome video and song. And I like the rap and unicyclist they threw in there.
Awesome video


I've always loved this one.  Not sure how to post the actual here's a youtube link...

Red Hot Chili Peppers - Bicycle Song


Wow, that's a great playlist. We will need a playlist for the halloween party like this!

Cracker - I Ride My Bike

Masters of Reality - Bicycle  (all 48 seconds of it)

"My White Bicycle" by Tomorrow

this is late, but songs about bikes!

motorcycle - the rumble strips (this song is actually really charming):

bicycle bicycle, you are my bicycle - be your own pet

murder bike - this bike is a pipe bomb

the mission - antsy pants

streetlight serenade - the bouncing souls

bmx bandits - wheatus


mention bikes:

julie doiron - glad to be alive

this charming man - the smiths (also some good covers around)

bikes + bridges - defiance, ohio

hold on - darren hanlon


bike rides and high fives - rosa

atmosphere - sunshine

four night rider - the rural alberta advantage


not about bikes, but helped me out on bike tour:

proud mary - ccr/tina turner



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