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No, not to listen to while you ride. I don't do that, not in the street at least. Don't really care if you do or not, as long as you can still hear my bell (or wheezing, or both) when I'm trying to pass you. 


I was just doing the dishes, listening to music, when two songs came on shuffle, in a row:


The Blank Fight - This Bike + This Guitar 

Thorns of Life - Not a Track Bike


When the snow started to melt a few days ago, I came home and listened to this song:


Tom Waits - Broken Bicycles


Because that's what seeing some of these bicycles unearthed from mountains of snow made me think of. Also, it's a fantastic song. So, after racking my brain, I came up with a few other songs in my collection:


Cool Kids - Black Mags (The 89/90 Detroit Pistons reference makes this song even better)

Bouncing Souls - BMX Song


But I can't think of any other songs that are good songs, that also reference or are about bikes. Thus the question. Any others? This is clearly a matter of extreme importance.

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My White Bicycle, by Tomorrow.


I first heard it a few years ago on NPR.



Bike ride to the moon. by Dukes of the Stratosphear (aka XTC)
brown bike- nortec colectivo

I got two pegs on the back, and you got two legs under your skirt.
I often have Prince stuck in my head while riding... the track Take Me With You as of late.



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