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I am a student at IIT who would like to do research on bicycle safety.  This is just a quick 5 to 7 minute pilot survey that features 5 videos, each about 30 seconds long, of road segments around Chicago.  I've been talking about this at a few events and people through this forum sound very interested in participating, so here it is!

Feedback on the survey would be greatly appreciated as well!



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WadeI'd love to help, but am on wifi where these videos take more like 5-10 minutes each to download rather than 30-40 seconds to watch. If you want lots of folks to respond to such a survey, it has to be easier to do.  Will try to do it next time I'm on a server where it can be done quickly.


Thanks for the reply.  I'll add to the disclaimer that people should consider load time if they have problems playing YouTube videos.  The survey will be up till Thanksgiving or later so no real hurry if you can take it somewhere with faster internet.  Thanks for trying!

I had no problems with the survey, though I watched the videos twice each time to fully see the conditions.  I was on WiFi/DSL and had no video loading problems.  Interesting survey.  Please report back here with your findings when you've completed your study.

I was able to complete it, too, and will look forward to your findings.  I also found myself looking at the videos twice, except for the one place I actually rode today and it is no different from what you depicted :-).

no problem here, just YT vids.

Took the survey, must say it was pretty good. I still think you need to account for other threats in urban cycling and the different options people choose to take when commuting. I sometimes consider other cyclists a bigger threat to me than people driving cars, but that depends also. Here's a link to a YouTube video about Holland and how it got it's bike lanes, maybe it will be useful for your research.


 Not to be a stickler, but in video #1 the cyclist (no helment) blew the stop sign at full speed and we have no mountains here. ;)

Yep, getting mugged by pedestrians is sometimes a bigger danger than the motorists passing you by, depending on just where your commute takes you.
Jose Zayas said:

 I still think you need to account for other threats in urban cycling

Thanks for the feedback.  This is a pilot survey and there are many more aspects that I would like to add for later.  I know this topic is very complicated but I'm not an expert at writing surveys so I'd figure start small. 

Interesting survey and the videos were really good. I think adding a comment field at the end is always useful- might help you collect some narrative/qualitative data that illustrates what your other data will show. And helps folks note if they had any technical issues with the survey. Can you make sure to post your findings here once you've analyzed the data?



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