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Lets come up with some other trips and get a good camping season in!

Any ideas for next month?

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I figure, let's get planning...the new year is almost here. 

I'd like to setup an easy one for the first time. This way, you can still go even if you're not interested in riding the whole way there. 

Illinois State Beach Park

Second weekend of April 2015, 9th - 14th. The average temp for 2014 was 59 degrees.
The great thing about ISBP is you can ride the Metra to Zion for $7.25 each way, or a weekend pass for $7. After that the site is only about two miles. Theres a grocery store about a mile away. Kenosha is about 26m round trip. It's a good place to camp out.

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I'd suggest leaving the McClory trail after a certain point.  It turns to crushed limestone and crosses the road every 2-3 blocks on a northern section.   I think kicking over to Sheridan at that point and then staying on Sheridan to the park might be better.

ISBP isn't terrible for hiking. The beach is mostly walkable, 3.5 miles on the south portion 2 miles on the north portion. There are trails there, but none are exhaustingly long. When I went last month, over the four days I hiked around 20 miles and then rode too and from Kenosha(about 20). It's a fun trip, and I'm still thinking about what time in June may work best for another trip.

Wow, this is making me want to go back! I don't know how I missed out on the fact that there is hiking- very cool. 

Make sure to check out the roads north of the park that take you up north of the power plant. Really interesting riding up there. 

Also cool- love these random abandoned beach structures: 

nice pic

Thanks, guys!!!

Dang! I'd love to go and was thinking of that weekend, but I've got a ride that I can't skip on the 13th. While in Kenosha, if you stop by Public House Brewery, ask for Matt. He's the owner and a very personable and down to earth guy.

Here's another camping weekend in @ ISBP.

June 26 & 27 returning on the 28th.

Reply by JustWill on May 5, 2015 at 8:33pm

June 12-14, we'll be bike camping at ISBP. The wife and I will be leaving Friday afternoon and ride to Zion and set up camp. Saturday morning we'll ride to Kenosha and grab lunch there. We'll pack up and ride back on Sunday. Anyone is welcome to come and we'll just get the walk-up sites.

I have that weekend (12-14)on my calendar.  I'll be riding up from Union Station during Friday afternoon.  I'm not familiar with the campground but will find the walk in sights and hope to meet up with the rest of you.


June Camping Dates:

June 12-14 @ISBP

June 26-28 @ISBP

July is right around the corner...anyone have plans for camping yet?

Gotta cancel camping for me this weekend...I'm saving for a big tour and also will be camping on the 3rd & 4th. 

Marc Irwin did a nice writeup on his experience from Kalamazoo to ISBP & back a few days ago.

Check it out here.

Mike Zumwalt is interested in a Mid-July ISBP trip according to the event listing for the weekend.

Shabbona Woods in South Holland has a new camp ground. We're thinking of riding there this weekend.


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