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BFF Bikes - New Bike Shop Opening in Chicago this March Geared Towards Women

My friends, Annie and Vanessa are opening a bike shop, BFF Bikes this spring that's geared towards biking/commuting women in Chicago. Women that ride and/or commute on their bikes all need more gear and apparel options and who better to bring it to Chicago than two lady racers that also commute? 

Here's where BFF Bikes can use your help - 
1. Check them out:
2. Fan their BFF Bikes FB page and/or sign up for updates on their website.
3. Get a BFF t-shirt or tune-up or a BIKE when you contribute to their Indie Gogo campaign:

Their campaign is off to a fantastic start but they can still use your help (and you get some pretty great swag in return). Thanks!!

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Oh Wow Thanks!!

That really makes me happy.  not just a little bit either!

Gerrie Marie Bruno said:

This is so cool I went in there today to check it out and it seems like a great shop for any woman to get advice and get started in when it comes to biking. I know I will totally be there to buy my new bike this summer and am so excited a place like this exists for a woman such as myself!


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